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Eco-friendly Lunch Box is made from 100% PCR PET. It's a single-compartment lunch box—a durable and stackable design. The lid is included and available in explicit PET material. They are 100% recyclable, 100% made, and inspected in Taiwan.
Lunch Box with PCR PET
The lunch box size is 185mm x 132mm x 35mm and is made from PCR PET. Carry all your tasty food binges in our food box and enjoy them on the go! A great alternative to traditional paper or plastic, the disposable container offers the same sturdy function and easy cleanup. Our sturdy design won't let your favorite food fall, but it is lightweight enough to make packing easy.
Order Information
SPCS provides customized service, and the requirements of a minimum order quantity (MOQ) will vary by different materials (PCR PET/ Ocean Bound Plastic). If you'd like to customize your products, we'll be able to provide them with relevant specifications.
With our PCR PET, you can reduce your carbon footprint as PCR resin consumes less energy than virgin resin. Effectively avoid plastic pollution by recycling plastic waste into plastic products make full use of non-renewable fossil resources.
Product Advantages
If PCR plastics can be used and made into plastic products, carbon emissions can be effectively reduced, and energy consumption can also be reduced. If more people use recycled plastics, the recycling of waste plastics will increase, and the operation mode of the entire plastic products industry will also be changed. This will reduce the incineration of plastics and be more helpful to environmental protection.
Eco-Friendly And Sustainable
The steady supply allows us to provide plastic-free products to meet your needs. Additionally, customized services enable customers to take advantage of non-standardized product experiences, creating a unique image. Customers can better understand the plasticity and diversity of this material by customizing it. A good reputation is expected to continue influencing many other potential customers in their countries. We have built long-term and steady-going business relationships with customers in North America, Europe, and elsewhere.