QHow to Start a Biodegradable Manufacturing Business and Why Choose Us?

SPCS is a supplier and distributor of biodegradable products, unique patented process technology (Pulp), and environmentally friendly and recyclable materials (PCR PET & Ocean Bound Plastic, steel), supply of environmentally friendly product distribution, multi-national certification, in line with Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), European Bio-based Material Verification Label-TUV, Ecological Product Certificate (SGS), etc.
Many resources were invested in the development in the early stage, and environmentally friendly materials that meet the current environmental protection standards formulated by many countries have been developed. With our R&D team, we are constantly developing products that make the next generation better while being able to meet the needs of buyers from all over the world.
SPCS is in Taiwan. Geographically, Taiwan is conveniently located to connect the Eastern and Western worlds. As we all know, Taiwan not only occupies a significant position in the global semiconductor and electronics market but also has an excellent social condition, and most places have been affected by the epidemic. SPCS can provide you with more stable and higher-quality environmentally friendly products, biodegradable tableware, and customized services compared with manufacturers in other regions. Giving our clients peace of mind and safety is essential in international business relationships.
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