GRS Global Recycling Standard


This standard is for companies wishing to have a claim describing the content of recycled raw materials in their final products.
The GRS standard is based on the principle of track and trace of verified finished products and includes environmental and social responsibility-related requirements applicable to various industries.
The development of the standard or the option to introduce the transaction certificate system can provide a better monitoring and control mechanism for the industrial supply chain, thereby ensuring the integrity of the verified products. The Global Recycling Standard is designed for GRS certification system applicants. Applicants can be companies that trade and produce recycled products (finished or semi-finished products) and plan to join the GRS certification system.
The range of verified products is not limited to textiles. If the company outsources all or part of the production of finished products, the relevant production units must also comply with the GRS standard.
Specification content
To obtain GRS certification, a product must contain at least 20% of its raw materials, be composed of recycled fibers, and be 100% pollution-free.
Recycled fiber should also clearly indicate whether it is pre-consumer or post-consumer waste and the percentage of pre-consumer and post-consumer in the recycled fiber.
In addition to the regulations on raw materials, corporate social responsibility, pollution prevention and treatment in the production process, and chemical restrictions are all strengthened.
To obtain the GRS verification mark (hang tag), the product’s raw materials must contain at least 50% recycled content before it can use the GRS verification mark (hang tag).
What SPCS Can Contribute
We have introduced PCR PET material to make various plastic packaging boxes to achieve this goal and obtained GRS certification. PCR PET is made from recycled PET plastic, aiming to reduce plastic waste and resource consumption.
Using PCR PET material to make food packaging boxes, we can achieve the goal of recycling food packaging while reducing waste and environmental pollution. In addition, our plastic packaging boxes have also been certified by GRS, which means they meet global recycling standards and can contribute to environmental protection.
If you have any needs related to this convenience, we would be delighted to talk more with you, and please feel free to contact us.