Global Plastics Treaty


The instrument will be based on how to address the entire life cycle of plastics. The INC will consider how to promote the sustainable production and consumption of plastics, from product design to environmentally sound waste management, through efficient resource use and leveraging the circular economy.
The main requirements of this convention are as follows:
1. End the pollution caused by the complete life cycle of plastics, protect the environment and human health
2. Limit and gradually reduce plastic production
3. Ensure an equitable and inclusive transition to a low carbon, zero waste and reuse economy
4. Based on human rights, give priority to human health, and ensure a just transition in the process of formulating and implementing the Convention
What SPCS Can Contribute
We have introduced PCR PET material to make various plastic packaging boxes to achieve this goal and obtained GRS certification. PCR PET is made from recycled PET plastic, aiming to reduce plastic waste and resource consumption.
Using PCR PET material to make food packaging boxes, we can achieve the goal of recycling food packaging while reducing waste and environmental pollution. In addition, our plastic packaging boxes have also been certified by GRS, which means they meet global recycling standards and can contribute to environmental protection.
If you have any needs related to this, we would be delighted to talk more with you, and please feel free to reach out to us.