Our Eco-Friendly Materials Supplies



Plastic packaging escapes collection systems, damaging oceans, and human  habitats at an enormous economic cost.
This environmental trend is already contributing to climate change. This phenomenon is caused by non-degradable materials, such as plastics, which do not wear down but break into smaller pieces, posing a danger to marine wildlife.
100% natural decomposition:
Our pulp and paper products can be metabolized and decomposed by microorganisms to produce water and carbon dioxide or methane in a natural burial or composting environment with sufficient humidity, oxygen, and appropriate organisms, which is less harmful to the environment.
The product does not contain a coating and plastic film. Not only will there be no plastic particles generated during use, but also, no plastic particles will be generated during the decomposition process. Therefore, consumers can use it with peace of mind.

100% Recycled:
Our pulp and paper products can be 100% recycled to reduce waste, recycle resources, extend the life of landfills, reduce waste disposal costs, and, most  importantly, reduce air and water pollution and save water and electricity.

No coating, No plastic-film:
Our pulp and paper products are made using patented technology, and the products do not contain coatings and plastic films. In terms of use, consumers don't have to worry about producing plastic particles and can use them with peace of mind.

Cold and Hot drinks are all available.
Our pulp and paper products are made with patented technology and can be used for cold and hot drinks. In use, consumers don't have to worry about leakage and can use it with peace of mind.

PCR PET/rPET & Ocean Bound Plastic


PCR PET/rPET is consumer recycled PET raw material. It is more difficult to obtain, the source is more complicated, and the quality control is more complex, but it is a practice of daily garbage recycling. The easiest way to tell if PET is end-of-consumer recycling is to ask for proof of origin (such as a GRS* or SCS* certificate).
SPCS offers 100% PCR PET solutions with GRS and SCS-certified materials.

Ocean Bound Plastic
According to a Greenpeace report on marine litter, as much as 12.7 million tons of trash enter the oceans globally each year. We are pleased to announce that we can provide solutions for marine plastic products.

Recyclable steel

 Suppose your primary consideration for purchasing wood crates is their lower unit price. In that case, it is indeed essential to consider your decision considering the following factors that contribute to the additional costs associated with wood crates:
1. Strength and Durability: Steel crates offer superior strength and durability compared to wood. They can withstand heavy loads, stacking, and transportation without significant damage. Their durability ensures a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and associated costs.
2. Reusability and Recyclability: Steel crates are known for their reusability, as they can be used multiple times without significant degradation. They are also highly recyclable, meaning they can be transformed into new products at the end of their life cycle. This reduces the demand for new materials and minimizes waste.
3. Carbon Footprint: The production of wood crates involves energy consumption, including the energy used in harvesting, processing, and transporting the wood. These processes contribute to carbon emissions and increase the overall carbon footprint. In contrast, steel crates can have a lower carbon footprint due to more efficient manufacturing processes and the ability to recycle and reuse steel.
4. Waste and Recycling: Wood crates have a limited lifespan and can generate waste at the end of their use. Implementing effective recycling programs for wood crates can be challenging, making achieving sustainable waste management and recycling practices difficult. With their higher recycling rates and suitability for the circular economy, steel crates offer better waste management costs. 

Considering these factors, switching to steel crates would be a beneficial decision. It is time to switch to steel crates!