Eco-Friendly Tableware Supplier In Taiwan

Eco-Friendly Tableware Supplier in Taiwan
SPCS proudly owns our environmentally friendly material, the pulp (paper+), and related products of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic and ocean-bound plastics and containers made of steel that can be recycled.
Our products are certified by many international organizations and patented in many countries.


Certification | Compostable Tableware & Cutlery Manufacturer | SPCS

In Taiwan since 2011, SPCS International Co., LTD. has been a manufacturer of compostable cutlery sets and biodegradable products. That is why SPCS International  (SPCS) concentrates only on materials that allow us to achieve these goals while still delivering products and services without losing functionality and quality. This includes reusing material for steel crates in logistics and its global services. 

With more than ten years of experience, our eco-friendly single-use product lines consist of tableware/cutlery (straw, spoon, knife, cup, lid, lunch box), Amenity goods (cups),  and many more customized products.

SPCS has been offering customers biodegradable cutlery sets and biodegradable products with advanced technology and ten years of experience; SPCS ensures each customer's demands are met.

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